Alberta, Canada 

Foliar Liquid Fertilizer for Your Pasture and Hay Land

                                                      Photos taken June 17th, 2019 of my actual field after 2 consecutive years of foliar fertilizer application.

Yes, fertilizing with granular gets quite pricey and at some point it seems to just not be doing the job anymore.  Additionally, it's time consuming to apply and other liquid fertilizer application companies won't apply on pasture or hay land because it's too rough for a traditional high clearance sprayer.  That's where we come in!  Liquid foliar fertilizer is a very cost effective way to increase the production of your pasture or hay land.  


Straight grass: $27.50 per acre  (high N, lower P&K)

Grass/Alfalfa or Clover:  $32.50 per acre (Moderate N, P, and K)

Pricing includes the fertilizer and application.

We're based out of the Breton, Alberta area but can travel if there's enough acres.  If you're relatively far away but have at least 100 acres, give me a call.  I may have others that I are looking to book at the same time.  Travel fee may apply.

Feel free to call with any questions.  

Randy Chubak (780) 514-6043

email: [email protected]