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Foliar Fertilizer Application Services

Our Foliar Fertilizer Application Services are available from May thru July.

- Pasture fertilization:  Foliar Fertilizer is an excellent way to get Nitrogen into your pasture and extend your grazing season.  There are no grazing restrictions so you can apply anytime in the season.

- Grass Hay:  Foliar Fertilizer with high Nitrogen to accelerate and promote fast growth also increases nutritional value.

- Alfalfa Grass Mix Hay:  We custom blend our premium Nitrogen/ Phosphorus/ Potassium foliar fertilizer to meet the nutritional needs of your specific hay field.  

-  Second application: available in July is generally applied 10 days after the first cut.  This really                                                                                              helps to promote a fantastic second cut as well as not lose legumes to winter kill.

          Our foliar fertilizer is rain fast in 1 hour and begins to accelerate growth immediately on nutrition starved crops as opposed to granular which takes 45-60 days to even start seeing results.  

Pricing starts at $33 acre for grass hay land and $38 acre for alfalfa.