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Foliar Fertilizer Products

Dilat+    18-0-0 (N-P-K)              

1000 liter tote      Price $1850                       


                             Dilat+ is a liquid nutrient concentrated specially designed to provide an immediate nitrogen supply by way of foliar route.  Nitrogen is the vegetative growth motor of the plant and an excellent way to provide nutrition to your pasture and grass hay fields.  Because Dilat+ is only Nitrogen, there are no grazing restrictions.

Salvador   14-4-6 +Micros (N-P-K)

20 liter jug           Price $147

1000 liter tote      Price  $5,794 

                             Salvador is an excellent source of nutrients for alfalfa/grass mix hay fields.  It is a liquid foliar nutrient, rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and complemented with magnesium, sulphur, and other micronutrients that are indispensable for plant growth. Iron, manganese, and zinc are chelated with EDTA to make them available because of the presence of phosporus. Boron is complexed with ethanolamine and sorbitol making it more mobile within the plant.  Salvador can also be used in your garden to increase yield as well as the overall health of your plants.  It is also a great way to keep your lawn green and lush.

Agro-Phos 0-29-5, 4% Mg (N-P-K)

20 liter jug               Price  $221

1000 liter tote          Price  $8,720

       Agro-Phos is a liquid nutrient highly concentrated in phosphorus, includes soluble potassium and magnesium and is assimilable by foliar route. The three basic nutritional elements, P-K-Mg, are vital and inseparable for achieving high production performance and to avoid stunted growth.  It is great on it's own for hay crops that are mostly alfalfa or mixed with Dilat+ for hay land that is closer to a 50/50 alfalfa grass mix.