Alberta, Canada 

Sierra Ranch Co. Premium Hay

   Sierra Ranch Co. Premium Hay was born out of our own personal need for high quality, dust, and mold free hay for our breeding program.  We had a difficult time finding hay that was put up properly, so began doing it ourselves.  Our first year, we sold off what we didn't need, and realized the need for horse quality hay was great, so we decided to fill it.  Since then we've grown to meet the demand of discerning animal owners.

What makes our hay different?  

          We use  plain disc mowers, which lays the hay flat to dry more quickly without beating it up, as most other disc bines do.  This allows the hay to be exposed to the sun for a less amount of time, thus keeping in more vital nutrients.  With alfalfa it doesn't loose as many leaves, which is where most of the nutrition is.  Secondly, we use a Claas Variant 380 RC Netwrap round baler.  This German engineered baler has variable density control in several zones within the bale.  In addition to using extra netwrap on each bale, I make the outside of the bale exceptionally more dense.  These two factors make the bales less susceptible to rain penetration, if you store your hay outside.  The Claas baler also has a chopping mechanism, which does just what it sounds like.  It cuts the hay into approximately 8 inch pieces as it bales, so there is less waste when your animals eat it.  Most round bales lose 30% to waste that is dropped onto the ground.  With our method of baling, that waste is reduced to only 10%.  That results in not only more money in your pocket, but less mess to clean up come spring.

Feel free to contact me.  Phone, text, or email.

Randy Chubak

ph.  (780) 514-6043

email: [email protected]

Hay Available:  2018  

Large Rounds:

Premium Grass Mix             SOLD OUT

Premium Alfalfa Mix             SOLD OUT

 50% deposit required.  Call or text me at 780-514-6043.